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Waste management & circular design

Interest in waste processing and management is growing in Southeast Asia. This is related to the population growth and climate change in the region. The amount of waste is growing rapidly. Waste is becoming increasingly more complex in composition. This creates new and emerging waste flows.

ASEAN countries have already achieved a lot in terms of waste management. But still faces challenges in the areas of technology, infrastructure, financing and administrative organization. This offers opportunities if the ASEAN countries consider the concept of 'waste' as a 'resource'.

The percentage of waste that is recycled is increasing. But attention must also be paid to "front-end" solutions: methods to reduce and prevent waste, such as circular design.

The ASEAN countries would like to be at the forefront of circular working and production. They can certainly use Dutch knowledge and skills in doing so. That is why the emphasis in this virtual mission is on forming value chains for waste management and on circular design.

Market opportunities per ASEAN-5 country

Waste management

Circular Design


waste management, WtE (infrastructure), municipal waste, marine litter, plastic recycling, EPR packaging

drafting of the new waste management policy; introduction of eco-parks concepts


chemical recycling (NEWoil), waste reduction food, packaging, e-waste, reverse logistics / deposit & reverse vending machines

Many different sectors are looking for knowledge and new concept about circular design


waste2energy, recycling, marine litter

circular building, circular design for food & beverages


waste management, waste to energy, Extended Stakeholder Responsibility (ESR) for packaging, marine litter, Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF)

Ecopark, Ecoports, CE platform With examples of Holland Circular Hotspots


recycling, waste management, waste2energy, marine litter, plastic reduction, packaging

Developing a national CE platform based on the example of Holland Circular Hotspot

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