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Updates on the Visit to North Sumatra

21 January 2022

In the previous communication, the Dutch Embassy in Indonesia has indicated that the Embassy-led mission to North Sumatra will be conducted in the second half of January 2022. Unfortunately, considering the COVID-19 situation in the Netherlands and the measures taken by the Indonesian authorities to curb the spread of the new COVID-19 variants, sadly, the Embassy has to postpone (again) the physical visit to March 2022 hoping that conditions have been improved at that time. The Embassy is not keen to postpone the actual visit for the fourth consecutive time, but as mentioned in our previous communication, the Embassy would like to conduct the visit properly and responsibly; therefore, as it is in everyone’s interest, the Embassy is compelled to take this decision.

Together with the Dutch Honorary Consul in Medan, the economic team of the Embassy will continue the preparation, including liaising with the different stakeholders, talking with the Chamber of Commerce and Industries (KADIN), local companies, etc. The Embassy is also planning to have an advance visit in February to maintain the relationship with the Provincial Government of North Sumatra and the public and private sectors, following-up the leads identified during the preparatory virtual “focus sessions”, as well as leads from the KIM Expo. The Embassy will also gauge if there is a need for another virtual session leading up to the offline mission.

The Embassy is also planning to have a pitching session for those involved in the Agri-food and Water for food nexus in front of the public sector, to offer their solutions. The pitching session will be conducted online in the first week of February. The Waste Management and Renewable Energy nexus will have a pitching session offline, during the actual visit in March, to be followed with matchmaking immediately after the session.

In the meantime, you may indicate your interest in participation already by emailing to JAK-EA@minbuza.nl. Our economic team is available for a discussion with you and to provide you with more details.

Focus Session: AgriFood-Water in North Sumatra (26 July)

8 September 2021

As part of the virtual program on North Sumatra, an integrated “focus session” on Agriculture & Water for Food was organized on 26 August, in the run-up to the planned economic mission to the province.


The Dutch Agriculture Counsellor to Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, Joost van Uum, started the session with a general introduction, and elaborated the overall approach of the program. “The aim of today is to understand the needs in technology and knowledge in the entire chain, from seeds to post-harvest in the province, and Humbang Hasundutan food system in particular”.

The representatives of the national and local government were invited to provide insights on the developments in the province. The Acting Head of the North Sumatra Food & Horticulture Office began the presentation with a general overview of the horticulture sector in North Sumatra. Following that, the Director for Food & Agriculture of the Indonesian Ministry o

f National Development Planning/National Development Planning Agency (BAPPENAS) explained Indonesia’s transformation in achieving a reliable and sustainable nation-wide food system in various aspects, along with the action areas and expected key outcomes.

Zooming in further on the food system within local context, the Regent of Humbang Hasundutan elaborated the development in the district and its road map, along with the current challenges and improvement areas. Completing the insights on food system, the representative of the Indonesian Coordinating Ministry for Maritime and Investment Affairs presented the private sector involvement in developing the food system, followed by potential collaboration programs.

Click here to access all the presentation materials on AgriFood.

Water for Food

The second part of the session focused on the water sector, where the  Dutch Delegated Representative, Rien Dam introduced the envisioned approach and collaboration areas.  Tailoring these to the local context, the Acting Head of North Sumatra Water Resources, Human Settlements and Spatial Planning Office presented the current conditions of water infrastructure and the future workplan of water resources in the province, particularly for irrigation. The session ended with an overview on the  ongoing progress of the water resources for irrigation in the Humbang Hasundutan food estate by the Head of Agency for River Areas (BWS Sumatera II).

Click here to access all the presentation materials on Water for Food.

The event was attended by both the business community as well as from the public sector representatives. This focus session was the first out of two parts of the program within the AgriFood and Water track, forming a basis to explore further collaboration opportunities. The second part of this track will be scheduled upon the planned visit of the Embassy team to the province in the coming months, to concretely follow-up the available opportunities, matching those with the expertise, technology and knowled

ge solutions to solve existing challenges together.

Click here to watch the recorded session.

For questions on the planned economic mission to North Sumatra, please contact the Dutch Embassy in Indonesia through JAK-LNV@minbuza.nl.


Focus Session: Waste and Energy in North Sumatra (22 July)

Focus Session: Waste and Energy in North Sumatra (22 July)

Our first sectoral focus session on waste and renewable energy was held digitally, continuing the “hybrid” program on North Sumatra. The event connected Dutch companies with local stakeholders and potential counterparts, leading up to a planned “offline” economic mission to the province.

Focusing on public sector aspects, Dr. Tengku Amri Fadli M. Kes and Ir. Zubaidi M.Si of the North Sumatra Provincial Government presented the challenges and trade and investment opportunities in the fields of waste management and renewable energy in North Sumatra. To complement this with a legal context, Bas de Jong of PnB lawfirm gave insights on company establishment requirements in Indonesia, including special permits and licenses needed for waste and energy activities. The session was closed with a discussion led by Dr. Ichsan of the Dutch Partners for International Business program on waste in Indonesia, where several questions of the participants were directly answered by the experts, such as best practices in fulfilling requirements for waste businesses, and steps to take for Dutch rooftop solar providers wanting to do business in North Sumatra.

To access the recorded video of the session and the presentation materials, please click here or contact the Economic Team of the Dutch Embassy in Indonesia (JAK-EA@minbuza.nl).


Virtual Focus Session: Exporting Indonesian Products to Europe

12 July 2021

As part of the Dutch Embassy’s North Sumatra program, this virtual session connected more than 100 North Sumatra-based SMEs with Dutch experts; deep-diving into best practices and know-how on exporting products to the EU market. The interactive discussion touched upon the many reasons to export, things to consider, ways to be successful, and who to partner with.

Mr. Hans de Brabander, Head of the Economic Department, kicked off the session by explaining how this event was intended to assist the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to gain access to market their products to the EU through the Netherlands as gateway. Acting Provincial Secretary of North Sumatra, Mr. Afifi Lubis, in his remarks expressed his appreciation for this initiative, particularly with regard to supporting local SMEs by upgrading their product quality. He also hoped that the bilateral relation will continue to be able to realize further economic partnerships.

📷 Mr. Afifi Lubis by the Provincial Government of North Sumatra

This event was also in line with the efforts of the Indonesian Ministry of Trade and Bank Indonesia North Sumatra to support the local SMEs to go global. Mr. Marolop Nainggolan (Director Export Development Cooperation, Ministry of Trade) and Mr. Soekowardojo (Head of Bank Indonesia North Sumatra) elaborated upon how both institutions provide assistance for SMEs through their export development programs, for instance with capacity building. Click here to access the presentation of Mr. Marolop Nainggolan on increasing export of SME products.

Ms. Dika Rinakuki of the Dutch Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries (CBI), presented a complete picture on the European market, including market trends, demanded products, and how COVID-19 has shaped consumer needs. She also elaborated on ways to start exporting, while focusing on the Province’s top commodities like coffee and home textiles. Click here to access her presentation slide.

📷 Mr. Afifi Lubis by the Provincial Government of North Sumatra

From the Dutch consumer market perspective, experts of the Dutch program Netherlands senior experts (PUM), Ms. Christa Nollen and Mr. Frits van Leer gave valuable tips and insights on being a successful exporting entrepreneur. Among others, the participating SMEs were highly advised to thoroughly research the characteristics of their destination markets, as exporting activities require a lot of preparation, varying from logistics up to bureaucratic matters. Click here and here to access their full presentations.

This event once again re-confirmed the strong appetite of both Dutch and Indonesian partners to strengthen the bilateral trade relations. The Embassy-led Virtual “Focus Sessions” and Economic Mission to North Sumatra contribute to reaching this goal, by gathering Dutch and Indonesian companies to explore sustainable business opportunities in the region. The recording of this session is available here.


Singapore International Water Week

10 June 2021

21 June - Singapore International Water Week

This year’s Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) will be held from 21 June to 2 July 2021, and will consist of SIWW Spotlight and SIWW Online.

SIWW 2021 Spotlight is a one-day virtual Summit, for water leaders in governments, utilities, academia and industry to discuss emerging challenges such as climate change and the pandemic, and to provide insights into how innovation and collaboration are key enablers towards sustainable outcomes.

SIWW 2021 Online will be a two-week virtual event to allow global leaders, experts and practitioners to connect and learn from each other.

More information? Please go to the agenda over here: 21 June - Singapore International Water Week




Successful Kick-Off of North Sumatra Virtual Focus Sessions

12 May 2021

We’re off to a good start! More than 100 participants joined the “Kick-Off” of the North Sumatra Virtual Focus Sessions last week, hosted by the Economic Team of the Netherlands Embassy in Jakarta.

We would like to thank the North Sumatra Provincial Secretary Dr. Ir. Hj. Sabrina M. Si. for opening the event, and for once again emphasizing the many collaboration opportunities between the Netherlands and North Sumatra.

During the session, participants were informed on the plan for the upcoming months, including the virtual "focus sessions" and the plan to visit the Province with an economic mission organized by the Embassy in the fall. The Embassy’s Head of the Economic Department and its Agricultural Counsellor explained the envisaged goals within the AgriFood-Water and Waste-Energy Nexus of the focus sessions and mission. In this factsheet, you can read further details on the nexus.

To complete the informative session, Bank Indonesia highlighted the province’s competitive growth data, supported by dominant sectors such as agriculture, livestock, forestry & fisheries. The event was closed with a panel discussion on doing business in the province, where experts discussed how local knowledge and collaboration between knowledge institutions, public and private sector are among the key ingredients for success. As an example, Nuffic Neso Indonesia is currently inviting companies to express their interest to participate in a Sustainable Tourism program in Lake Toba (more information here).

You can join the upcoming virtual North Sumatra “focus sessions” by adding the following events to your agenda:

Did you miss the Kick-Off event, or would like to re-watch the session? Click here to watch the full version, and click the links below to access the presented materials:

For further information, please contact the Economic Team of the Embassy through JAK-EA@minbuza.nl.




Take-aways from the MOU signing and Thailand-Netherlands Water Dialogue

29 March 2021

On 15 March 2021 the MOU signing Ceremony took place at the Netherlands Residence in Thailand. 

The Office of National Water Resources (ONWR) and the Dutch embassy co-organized the first Thailand-Netherlands Water Dialogue. Watch the full version of the event: 

Working together on solutions for water challenges

The key take away of this gathering is the importance of working together and share experiences between Thailand and The Netherlands, including the digitalization in water management. WEIS, The Water and Environmental Institute of the Federation of Thai Industries and The Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) will possibly be working together in the field of the industrial water cooperation. Together the two kingdoms can work on solutions for water problems due to climate change:




Let's stay connected for a more sustainable future

This platform stays online as 'virtual meeting place', where you can find updates, business opportunities and more! The business platform Southeast Asia will kick-off with a ReMeet 2.0 on 9 March.

Newsletter no.9 (7 - 11 December, 2020

Today our virtual mission to Southeast Asia has come to an end. Review our closing session here.

A big adventure of 2 months, 3 sectors, 5 countries and more than 700 participants. With the result of 170 hours inspiring virtual sessions and 350 successful matchmaking sessions that brought Dutch and Southeast Asian counterparts together.

This great achievement wouldn’t be possible without close cooperation between governments, companies and knowledge institutes. A big shout-out to our partners and speakers of this trade mission: 
VNO-NCW, Holland Circular Hotspot, NWP, Topsector Agrifood, NL.in.Business and our diplomatic network in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.


Newsletter no.8 (30 November - 4 December, 2020)

Vietnamese Prime Minister Phuc and Prime Minister Mark Rutte

This week Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte had a good call with Vietnamese Prime Minister Phuc. The Netherlandfocuses on strengthening trade and investment relations and promoting sustainable inclusive growth, directly linked to the Sustainable Development Goals. Vietnam is an important trade and investment partner and recently experienced continuous multi-year economic growth. Economic growth and the challenges this entails offer opportunities for Dutch companies and knowledge institutions.

At the recent ASEAN Summit big steps were taken towards open trade, and ties between EU and ASEAN countries were strengthened, which also included the current major Southeast Asia trade mission. Prime Minister Phuc and Prime Minister Rutte also discussed the good relations and key trade partnership between our countries.

Bilateral meeting between Minister Luhut and Minister Kaag

On the 1st of December Minister Kaag virtually met with Indonesian Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan. At this occasion, in the framework of the Dutch virtual economic mission to Southeast Asia, Minister Kaag highlighted the mission’s focus sectors; Water, Waste Management and Agrifood.

The Ministers discussed the follow up of the economic mission of the Dutch State Visit to Indonesia, which took place last March, as well as the COVID pandemic that broke out since then. They also talked about ongoing Dutch investments in Indonesia, and cooperation in maritime affairs. The new Indonesian “omnibus law” – containing a wide array of provisions concerning the Indonesian economy -  was discussed too. Both Ministers emphasized the importance of making the right choices for a sustainable future for next generations.

Photo: Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Photo: Indonesian Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment

Upcoming: Join the last activities of the Water Track

The Water Track is nearing the end of its activities during this virtual mission Southeast Asia. Only three events - read opportunities - to go!

December 8th: join the Ocean Cleanup in their webinar on ‘Adressing plastic pollution in rivers in Southeast Asia’. Boyan Slat, Founder & CEO, The Ocean Cleanup, will present the world’s first scalable river cleanup technology, the Interceptor™, and discuss our ambitions to address riverine pollution in collaboration with South East Asian governments in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand. Other speakers, such as Prince Dennis Verbaas of Johor, Malaysia, Chief Minister of Selangor, YAB Dato' Seri Amirudin Bin Shari and  Malaysia and Mr. Nguyen Chi Kien, The Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Can Tho City, Vietnam, will join us to share their experience addressing riverine plastic pollution on national and local levels.

The webinar on Water technology in Vietnam 'turning challenges into opportunities' takes place on December 9 with an overview of water technology demand in Vietnam and pitches on solutions and innovations from Dutch entrepreneurs. Last but not least we have the Road to Singapore Water Week 2021 event. This kick off is especially interesting for Dutch participants looking for a follow-up of their activities in the Southeast Asia region. All events are in the agenda of the virtual mission Southeast Asia platform. Be sure to register.

Water Solutions for the Agribusiness

Last week on the 25th November The Netherlands Embassy in Malaysia together with Netherlands Water Partnership organized the webinar, “Water Solutions for the Agribusiness - How could Dutch Innovations in water management technologies enables more efficient and increased food production in the ASEAN countries”. A distinguished panel of speakers shared their valuable insights, featured highlights and the latest innovations by stakeholders operating in the Dutch Water and Agriculture sector in The Netherlands and the ASEAN region. You can review this webinar here.

Women in Business: why Thailand is a success story in women leadership

“Dare to get out of your comfort zone, gender inclusion in a team, and the mindset” are key takeaways from an inspirational and empowering session on Women in Business organized by the Embassy in Bangkok on 25 November. The session which was organized in a hybrid format attracted over 100 viewers from Dutch and Thai companies, associations and the public sector.

The session was introduced by video messages from Minister Sigrid Kaag and Ingrid Thijssen, Chairwoman of VNO NCW. Participants were truly inspired by speech from the first female head of the Thai securities watchdog and personalized stories from the front-running Thai business women from well-known enterprises i.e. Citibank Thailand, SCB Abacus which is a data tech arm of a leading bank in Thailand, and Siam Motors - a diversified group of companies that has dominated the automobile and parts industry in Thailand over 60 years.

According to Grant Thornton’s Women in Business 2020 report, Thailand has a greater percentage of women in senior leadership position than both the Asia Pacific region and global average. Women currently hold 32% of senior leadership positions in Thailand (compared to 27% global average and 26% in the Asia Pacific) and 24% of CEOs/Managing Directors in Thailand are women (highly comparable to 20% global and only 13% in the Asia Pacific).

The video of the session can be reviewed here. You can also review the session ‘Sharing & learning on woman entrepreneurship - Vietnam’ of 27 November 2020.

Public Private Partnership Initiative in Vietnam

On 30 November 2020, and as part of the Virtual Trade Mission, the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ho Chi Minh City had honor to have the Launching Ceremony for the Implementation of the PPP Initiative between HCMC Department of Construction and the Netherlands Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City.

Starting in 2018, the Public Private Partnership for the Sustainable Greater HCMC Flood Protection Scheme (PPP INITIATIVE) is an innovative, self-financing, and sustainable flood protection solution that was proposed to HCMC Authorities by a Dutch-Vietnamese Consortium – consisted of Royal HaskoningDHV, Delta Context, Van Oord, and Trung Nam Group.

On 30 November 2020, and as part of the Virtual Trade Mission, the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ho Chi Minh City had honor to have the Launching Ceremony for the Implementation of the PPP Initiative between HCMC Department of Construction and the Netherlands Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City.

The Assignement Letter handed over from HCMC Department of Construction to the Netherlands Consulate General does not just allow the Dutch-Vietnamese Cortium to move forward with the Pre-Feasibility Study for the PPP Initiative but also opens up opportunities for Dutch businesses in Ho Chi Minh City and its plan for the development of the Eastern City – a upcoming innovation and economic hub.

The Ceremony marks another milestone in the bilateral cooperation and commitment towards sustainable development in Ho Chi Minh City when it comes to flood-related challenges. It also reaffirms the robust partnership between the Netherlands and Vietnam.


Newsletter no.7 (23-27 November, 2020)

Seeking the business opportunities in agrifood, horticulture and logistic sector of Mekong Delta, 1-4 December 2020
This year Vietnam’s agriculture has faced many disasters such as the impacts of COVID-19 and extreme climate. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The demand of agricultural products from Mekong delta is expected to boom, and the agricultural sector has also set prompt directions dealing with the disasters after the pandemic. This 4-day series of business webinars will present you insightful information on the challenges and opportunities in the delta.

1st December 2020
Topic: Information session, Business opportunities in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam
13:00 - 14:25 PM. (NL time)

Key takeaway

  • To inform the participants about the challenges and opportunities in the Mekong Delta based on the Netherlands - Vietnamese cooperation.
  • Launch the pilot in the Mekong Delta of the cooperation between the three topsectors: Agri&Food, Logistics, Horticulture and input materials

Language: English
Agenda, click here.

2nd December 2020
Topic: Sustainable Agricultural value chain development in the Mekong Delta
9.00 AM. – 10.15 AM. (NL time)
3.00 PM. – 4.15 PM. (Vietnam time)

Key takeaway

-  To highlight challenges in Agro-food production value chains in the Mekong Delta
-  To identify business opportunities in the Mekong Deltas for Dutch companies

Language: English / Vietnamese
Agenda, click here

2nd December 2020
Topic: Agriculture and Circular Economy in the Mekong Delta – Challenges and Opportunities
10.30 AM. – 11.45 AM. (NL time)
4.30 PM. – 5.45 PM. (Vietnam time)

Key takeaway

  • Highlighting the role of Circular Economy and Waste Management in the Agro-Water nexus
  • Match local needs to the Dutch technology and expertise
  • Promote Dutch business to potential local business

Language: English / Vietnamese
Agenda, click here

3rd December 2020
Topic: Water and Agrifood – an integrated approach for the Mekong Delta
10.00 AM. – 11.15 AM. (NL time)
4.00 PM. – 5.15 PM. (Vietnam time)

Key takeaway

  • Show Dutch entrepreneurs who participate in the digital trade mission the opportunities that exist in the Mekong Delta to combine water and Agro solutions
  • Show Vietnamese entrepreneurs, academics and officials the water - Agro solutions that Dutch companies can provide for the challenges in the Mekong Delta
  • Improve the reputation and visibility of the Netherlands in both sectors
  • Provide some participants the opportunity to seek business partners

Language: English / Vietnamese
Agenda, click here

Sharing & learning on woman entrepreneurship
On Friday 27 November, the Embassy in Hanoi organized an inspiring session on female entrepreneurship, which attracted the attendance of 75 participants from Vietnamese and Dutch companies, women entrepreneurs associations as well as CSOs. The session was organized in the hybrid format, with participants from the Netherlands joining the session virtually.

All the participants were truly inspired by the meaningful movie and the moment where they could share the opportunities and hurdles that shape the successful entrepreneurs today. And they also shared the way they go further, grow stronger together and use their potentials to unlock other female fellows’ potentials to be successful.

We also took this opportunity to congratulate Friesland Campina Vietnam and Unilever Vietnam for receiving the UN Women 2020 Asia-Pacific Women Empowerment Principles Awards in driving progress for gender equality in Vietnam:

  • Friesland Campina won in the categories Gender-inclusive Workplace and Gender-Responsive Marketplace, while
  • Unilever won in the categories Gender-inclusive Workplace and Leadership Commitment.

We also congratulated SNV Vietnam for their 25th anniversary, and receiving the merit certificate from Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations (VUFO) for their outstanding contribution to the development of Vietnam in various fields, one of which is gender equality such as the project Enhancing Opportunities for Women’s Enterprises, funded under FLOW - the Funding Leadership and Opportunities for Women Framework of the Netherlands.

Polman sharing his mind on Building Back Better
Paul Polman (Co-founder and Chair, IMAGINE, former CEO Unilever) spoke on Building Back Better in ASEAN, in a webinar on 5 November organized by Dutch Business Network Indonesia and ASEAN Dutch Chamber Network, connected to the Dutch virtual economic mission to ASEAN. Polman sees leadership in SEA countries, for example Indonesia, as a key factor for global green recovery, and he highlighted that businesses hold the key to many of the needed solutions. “If we don’t involve businesses in the solutions to drive to a greener and more inclusive economy, we will never get there.”
Businesses can be part of the problem or part of the solution. Mr. Polman stressed that companies are increasingly aware that in order to create more profitable, more resilient businesses, they need to be an active driver of a green recovery. Companies that do so, are simply doing better, and actually prove to be more resilient under the current COVID crisis.
Involving youth is also a must in ensuring inclusive Building Back Better efforts. Youth surprises time and again with fresh ideas; “Don’t give them a seat at the table. Give them the table”.
Fitting with the theme of the mission, this inspirational session underlines the importance of Connecting Minds for a Sustainable Future!

Preventing post-harvest loss, 20 November
This session of Smart Horticulture Aisa can be reviewed on our platform.


Newsletter no.6 (16-20 November, 2020)

Upcoming: ‘Going Digital - Measuring, Modelling and Managing Water’, 24 November
This session is organized by NWP and will dive into the very current topic of Digital Water, which will be introduced by 1 expert from the Southeast Asian region and 1 expert from the Netherlands, followed by various pitches and a close statement from The Netherlands.

Digital water is the use of real-time data in the water sector to enable and improve decision making in complex and multidimensional environments, optimizing resources, reducing costs, and avoiding disruptions. Digital technology can improve data collection and analytics to support proactive decisions and increase water efficiency. These technologies can be instrumental (detect, measure, record, etc.), interconnect systems and analyze and optimize.

Smart systems can provide accurate and up-to-date information that enable (real-time) decision-making processes, with increasing efficiency and cost control as potential results.
Click here for the program.

Upcoming: Women leadership and entrepreneurship in Southeast Asia, 25 & 27 November
Women are taking the lead in Southeast Asia. For example, the percentage of Thai women holding CEO and MD positions in the private sector is 33 percent. That is why the Embassy in Bangkok is organizing an empowering session around women leadership. Prominent leading ladies in business will share their inspirational stories and recommendations. What is it  that makes  Thailand so successful in creating a gender balanced senior management environment, and what could be the lessons learned for the Netherlands? Tune in for the Thai story on 25 November on 08.30 Dutch time.

Meanwhile, the women entrepreneurship session by the Embassy in Hanoi, at 10:00 on 27 November, will rewind the clock to the time when a woman starts her business. The session will showcase present day evidences that every woman, from any starting point, can strive to be successful. Join us to be inspired, to inspire others, and let the inspiration unlock the aspiration in all of us.

Week of Indonesia-Netherlands Education and Research (WINNER)
If you are interested in Dutch-Indonesian cooperation in research and education, you can join the online Week of Indonesia-Netherlands Education and Research (WINNER) from 24 until 26 November. WINNER offers an opportunity to reflect on Dutch-Indonesian science, research and education collaboration, to identify priorities, and form new collaborations. This in particular in Agri-food, Water and Waste Management, and Life Sciences and Health. Interested? Please register yourself through the WINNER website: https://winner.or.id/

The closing session of WINNER on 26 November can also be accessed through B2Match. Dutch investors in Indonesia often struggle to find skilled workers due to the gap between Indonesia’s undereducated and highly educated population. How to achieve effective public-private partnerships to close this gap? This will be discussed with a.o. Indonesian Minister of Education and Culture, Nadiem Makarim.

Research in growing economies in 2012
Your success is our business – Explore your opportunities in Vietnam, Indonesia & the Philippines

International Business Research is a research project within the University of Groningen. Every year they conduct tailor-made research for Dutch organizations looking for opportunities in growing economies outside Europe. We use a cost-effective way to provide thorough research. If you are curious, meet the enthusiastic team:

More information: www.ibr-groningen.nl

Meeting between President of VNO-NCW and Chairman of KADIN Indonesia
In the framework of the Dutch Virtual Economic Mission to Southeast Asia, the President of the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers (VNO-NCW), Ms. Ingrid Thijssen, and Chair of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN), Mr. Rosan Roeslani virtually met on 12 November, to discuss strengthening ties between Dutch and Indonesian businesses.

The meeting was also joined by a.o. KADIN Vice Chairwoman for International Relations, Ms. Shinta Kamdani and Dutch Ambassador Lambert Grijns. Earlier this month, VNO-NCW, KADIN and the Embassy were partners in organizing the webinar “And then COVID hit Indonesia.. Now what?” informing Dutch and Indonesian entrepreneurs on the state of play of the economy and current opportunities and challenges for Dutch business in Indonesia. Both VNO-NCW and KADIN were also involved in the State Visit of the Dutch King and Queen, along with a big economic mission in March this year.

Going forward, VNO-NCW, KADIN, and the Embassy are keen to collaborate further in connecting the private sectors of our countries.

Review: Post-Harvest sessions
On Thursday November 12, the webinar on "Post-Harvest: Dutch Innovations for Loss Reduction and Quality Improvement" took place, attracting over 300 participants from the Netherlands as well as the stakeholders from five SE Asian countries. The webinar provided the audiences the insights and information on the challenges of the post-harvest losses in the Southeast Asia region. Number of applicable solutions and technology that the Netherlands can offer to this region were also presented. It is proven to be an effective and creative platform to connect the Dutch and Southeast Asian businesses in agriculture/horticulture sector.

The webinar consists of a Plenary session and three topical sessions on Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers. Watch the sessions here:

Watch the sessions here.


Newsletter no.5 (9-13 November, 2020) 

Upcoming: Join the sectoral water program starting next week

The Netherlands values partnerships as an important step to contribute to water safety and water security worldwide. With the current and future water related challenges in mind, such as climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic, there is an even bigger drive for cooperation to come up with smart, sustainable and innovative solutions. The Water program during the Dutch Virtual Mission Southeast Asia highlights water management with an focus on the specific opportunities in coastal protection and flood control. And also water technology that zooms in on smart water usage and management and the relationship with agriculture. The Water program activities take place from 17 November - 2 December 2020. For the full program, click here here.

Upcoming: Smart post-harvest horticulture opportunities at Asia Fruit Logistica/ Smart Horticulture Asia.

Join us at the round table session about Smart post-harvest horticulture opportunities next week, with our moderator Harrij Schmeitz. Toine Timmermans will tell about the national food waste strategy from the foundation United against Food Loss and Waste (Samen tegen Voedselverspilling), a national platform developing an ecosystem to realize sustainable development goas 12.3; reducing food waste in the Netherlands with 50% by 2030. Our panelists from LiquidSeal, WUR and Jaguar the Fresh Company will give you perspectives on how post-harvest losses can be lessened by technical or social innovations.

The session is pre-recorded and will be broad casted on Friday 20th Nov at 7am CET/ 2pm Singapore time. After the prerecording there is time for live Q&A with the speakers. #NLinseAsia #farmingthefuture #postharvestlosses. For the live session register here.

Review: Post-Harvest - Dutch Innovations

On Thursday November 12, the webinar on "Post-Harvest: Dutch Innovations for Loss Reduction and Quality Improvement" took place, attracting over 300 participants from the Netherlands as well as the stakeholders from 5 Southeast Asian countries. The webinar provided the audiences the insights and information on the challenges of the post-harvest losses in the Southeast Asia region. Number of applicable solutions and technology that the Netherlands can offer to this region were also presented. It is proven to be an effective and creative platform to connect the Dutch and Southeast Asian businesses in agriculture/horticulture sector. The webinar consists of a plenary session and 3 topical sessions on Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers. Review here.

New features on the B2Match platform

Did you noticed that some new features are added to the B2Match platform which are quite  convenient ? 

Did you notice that some new features are added to the B2Match platform which are quite convenient ?

  1. Up till 5 guests (e.g. colleagues) can join your 1:1 meeting. Invite those guests upfront by forwarding the meeting link. You can find this meeting link in your meeting overview by clicking on the green button ‘Meeting starts in ... days’. Or invite your guests the moment you start your meeting via the invite guest button in your video screen
  2. You can easily add sessions from the B2Match agenda to your personal office calendar. To do so, add the sessions to My agenda first and click on the add to calendar button  in the upper right corner of the B2Match agenda afterwards.
  3. On the top of the Agenda, a green scroll to upcoming session button has been added to jump directly to the actual session.


Newsletter no.4 (2-6 November, 2020)

Food producing cities: a portrayal of the ambition of Singapore (9 November 9.30-11.30 CEST)

We will discuss what scenarios are available for Singapore’s ambition to have 30% of its food produced locally by 2030 and will explore the feasibility of circular agriculture, urban agriculture and high-tech agriculture in break-out sessions. Read more here

A panel will look at the topic of food producing cities from a holistic point of view. They will discuss the added value that can be created when food production scenarios are integrated with other solutions that are developed for energy transition, water resource management or smart mobility.

We are looking for both entrepreneurs with smart solutions and policy-makers working in a governmental surrounding, keen on solving urban challenges.

The session is organized by Priva and the Netherlands Enterprise Agengy and will be moderated by Ms Sann Carrière, Founder and Owner of So Now.

Please register in B2Match to enable the organization to send you background information on this session.

Message from the Business Mission Leader, Ingrid Thijssen

Ingrid Thijssen:This ‘virtual’ trip started more than we three weeks ago and I am curious how you are doing. Last week I have been touch with the business mission leaders of the different tracks and I was delighted to learn that the ‘Waste-Management and Circular-design’-program was successful. I would also like to wish the participants within the ‘Agrifood & Technology’- and the ‘Watermanagement & technology’-program a successful program in the weeks ahead.

Last Tuesday, VNO-NCW contributed to the webinar about the COVID-effects in Indonesia. Almost 100 participants joined this important session. It showed the relevance to invest in the follow-up of our last (physical) trade mission in March 2020; to maintain our relations and of course look for new opportunities.

I look forward to some important moments in the coming weeks which are on my agenda. One session in particular I would like to mention; On December 3rd I will welcome all Dutch participants for a meet-up with me to discuss how you are experiencing your participation in this mission. What went well, what were highlights, what have you achieved, what is important for me to know, and of course; how can I help you. I look forward to meet you then, and share experiences, thoughts and views.

I will share more information about this session shortly.

I wish all participants a good and fruitful continuation of your ‘virtual’ trip.

With kind regards,

Ingrid Thijssen,


Webinar: And then COVID hit Indonesia.. Now what?

In the third week of the Dutch Virtual Economic Mission to Southeast Asia, we invited Indonesian and Dutch experts to share updates on the opportunities and challenges of the Indonesian economy, during and post COVID-19. This building upon connections made during the Dutch State Visit and Trade Mission last March.

During the opening of the webinar, Mr. Rosan Roeslani (Chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) mentioned that with the strengths of Indonesia and the Netherlands, opportunities to improve business collaborations are still wide open. The future of economic relations of both countries will rest upon the willingness to respond to challenges and to explore potential opportunities for sustainable cooperation.

Despite the current circumstances, Ms. Ingrid Thijssen (President of the The Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers) also highlighted that this webinar is a new way of communication to strengthen and nourish our international relationship, especially upon the fruitful connections built during the trade mission of the Dutch State Visit in March.

The session consisted a.o. of the latest economic outlook brought by Mr. Andry Asmoro (Chief Economist, Bank Mandiri), and a panel discussion, in which Ms. Felippa Amanta (Head of Research, CIPS) answered questions on policies with an impact on Dutch business in Indonesia. From an Indonesian business perspective, Ms. Shinta Kamdani (Vice Chairwoman for International Relations, KADIN) elaborated on how the Dutch and Indonesian private sector could make the best connections despite the current limitations. The Embassy also plays a role here, in bringing partners together and assisting Dutch companies looking for connections, as was highlighted by Mr. Hans de Brabander (Head of Economic Dept. of the Embassy).

Participants were also able to dive deeper into sector specific developments during the subsequent sectoral breakout sessions on Agrifood, Water and Waste.

Recorded video and presentation slides from the session will be available in the “Presentations” section of the B2Match platform.


Newsletter no.3 (26-30 October, 2020)

Short resume of the Circular Economy program

In four workshops the need for Public-Private collaboration has been discussed and why a total value chain approach is needed to mitigate waste streams and landfill. The overall sessions were organized to learn from each other but also to connect the Dutch and Asian public and private networks. One-on-one connections and meetings are being arranged thanks to the sessions. E.g. a consortium of companies working on Malaysia is still looking for Dutch partners to participate in a joined offer for a tender on waste 2 energy.
Missed out? Click here for the reviews on the B2Matchplatform and learn what contacts or programs might be relevant or use the platform to schedule meetings and reach out to one of the many contacts in the network.

A virtual trade mission Southeast Asia, perspective from the Embassy in Malaysia

How did the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands experience the preparations, kick-off, organising a virtual booth at IGEM, and the first webinars during the virtual trade mission?
Below, you can read the perspective from the Embassy in Malaysia. The interviews are conducted during different stages in the virtual mission.

Preparations for the virtual mission

Jasmin Hue, Senior Economic Officer Water & Waste Management

What aspects were different during the preparation for IGEM this year since it’s a virtual event?

All of us were very new to a virtual concept, so we were excited and in the blue on what to expect throughout the preparation and during the event. We were just trying our best to follow the flow and respond ad-hoc to issues that arise at that particular time. In our physical event previously, we were concerned of logistics, room arrangement, protocols with VIPs  but this time, we had a different set of challenges alltogether. The most challenging was IT support. Luckily that worked out well, as well as outreach and engagement during the session.

Kick-start virtual mission

Ambassador H.E. Aart Jacobi

What is your experience of this first digital trade mission so far?

A promising kick-off of the Virtual Trade Mission SE Asia! We went off script here and there, but considering the short run up to the event the life broadcast, that was to be expected. I am looking forward to IGEM here in KL,  coming up soon, and Asia Water later in November.

Kick-off IGEM

David Naves , Deputy Head of Mission:

What are the highlights of the mission so far?

The mission so far has been very successful and the first weeks of the mission we had many and very different activities. Of course we had a very good kick off with Minister Kaag and Ingrid Thijssen, Chairperson of VNO-NCW. All Dutch Ambassadors of the different countries were live attending this event. After the kick off we had different "Doing Business" webinars for all individual ASEAN countries involved. For me the ‘Doing Business in Malaysia’ with MDBC was of course one of my personal highlights. In the first week we also had the sectorial kick off Waste Management & Circular Design Program.

The 2nd week was the IGEM week. With many Dutch webinars and a Dutch live panel discussion about Total Value Chain Approach in Waste Management. The Deputy Secretary General virtual visited our virtual booth. The Ambassador spoke to him and it was very good to strengthen the bilateral contacts. So I would say a lot of different highlights, and most of all a successful start of the Virtual Mission Southeast Asia.

Experience IGEM

Machiel van Stralen, Deputy Head of Economic Section: 

How was the collaboration with IGEM?

We had good relationships with the organising teams with IGEM, this gave the Netherlands an edge in successfully organizing multiple webinars. We also saw high participation from both the Netherlands and local participants. It was great to showcase Dutch innovation. The mission contributes to reaffirm the Dutch position as a leader in finding solutions in the field of water, food and agri. It's impressive that both Dutch and ASEAN participated on the platform virtually. I'm happy that we still made connections virtually.

Doing Business in Indonesia Session

A Doing Business in Indonesia session was organized during the first week of the mission, hosted by Dutch Business Network (DBN), exchanging latest developments and insights on conducting business in Indonesia.

Head of the Economic Department of the Embassy, Hans de Brabander, also highlighted the role of the Dutch government’s economic network here in Indonesia, which can assist Dutch companies with first contacts and information, and by referring them to instruments of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.

Additionally, NL in Business can also support Dutch companies with network and contacts on doing business in ASEAN. DBN is their partner here in Indonesia.

In conclusion, Dutch companies could always contact us at the Embassy, NBSO Surabaya, Dutch Business Network Indonesia, and NL in Business should they have questions or require support in conducting business activities in Indonesia.

Videomessage of Vietnamese Minister of Industry and Trade 

Vietnamese Minister of Industry and Trade Mr. Tran Tuan Anh addressed the participants to wish the Dutch virtual trade mission a great success. Vietnam welcomes the cooperation with the Netherlands and Dutch businesses in the areas of expertise of this mission, and appreciates a focus on especially high-tech and environment-friendly projects.

His Excellency Tran Tuan Anh: ”If we take the action collectively, share our knowledge and experience, we will become more united and resilient to all future challenges.

Don’t miss it: Webinar “And then COVID hit Indonesia…Now what?”

What is Indonesia’s current economic outlook, and what are the opportunities and challenges for Dutch companies in water, agrifood, waste and circular design? On Tuesday, 3 November, the webinar “And then COVID hit Indonesia…Now what?” is there to give you an update and ask your questions. 

Last March, the King and Queen of the Netherlands visited Indonesia accompanied by a large trade mission on Agri & Food, Life Sciences and Health, Waste Management, Maritime Affairs, and Water Management. Immediately after, COVID-19 hit both Indonesia and the Netherlands, so..now what?

This webinar is aimed at informing participants on the current economic and policy outlook of Indonesia, and what this means for Dutch companies. This building on lessons learned during the March State Visit and experience of companies already active in Indonesia in these sectors.

The webinar will be opened by the Chair of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) and the President of VNO-NCW; followed by insights on Indonesia’s economic outlook by the Chief Economist of Bank Mandiri (a leading Indonesian financial institution).

A panel discussion on The Road Ahead for Dutch Business in Indonesia will bring you fresh updates from policy and industry perspectives, with the Vice Chairwoman of KADIN and the Head of Research of the Center for Indonesian Policy Studies (Indonesia’s top think-tank), as well as the Head of the Economic Department of the Dutch Embassy in Jakarta.

To conclude, you can join parallel sectoral breakout sessions in Agrifood, Waste, and Water, to ask your questions and dive deeper into sector specific opportunities and challenges. This together with Dutch and Indonesian experts and companies already active in Indonesia in these fields.


Newsletter no.2 (19-23 October, 2020)

Successful start of the Circular Economy program

Last Monday the International Greentech & Eco Products Exhibition & Conference Malaysia (IGEM), the first virtual edition started. The Malaysian Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of Environment and Water, Dr. Nagulendran Kangayatkarasu visited the Netherlands virtual booth as part of the VIP tour during the IGEM opening ceremony. His Excellency Aart Jacobi and colleagues from the Netherlands embassy welcomed him and discussed our Virtual Mission in Southeast Asia. Dr Nagu thanked the Netherlands embassy for their continuous support of IGEM and putting Malaysia on the spotlight in Circular Economy and Green Technology.
A live-panel discussion on the total Value Chain Approach in Waste Management was one of the successful Dutch sessions at the IGEM. -> click here to watch the recording

Ambassador to Malaysia, Aart Jacobi: “A promising kick-off of the Virtual Trade Mission SE Asia! We went off script here and there, but considering the short run up to the live broadcast, that was to be expected. I am looking forward to the IGEM webinars and Asia Water later in November.”

Speed date with the Embassy team or your local NL Business Hub!

Interested to learn more about the opportunities, regulations, and market in a country of your interest? Or still in doubt which country provides the best opportunities for you? During the length of this virtual trade mission, you have the opportunity to speed date with the Heads of the Economic Departments at the Embassies/Consulates or with the NL Business Hubs in Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. Just look them up in the list of participants and schedule an appointment and start speed dating. In the same way, you can schedule your speed date with RVO’s Business Development Coaches Steven Trijsburg (steven.trijsburg@rvo.nl) & Kamal Afarmach (steven.trijsburg@rvo.nl) or with Jeroen Haver (jeroen@nlinbusiness.com) from NLinBusiness.

Do you want to connect with interesting counterparts?

Make sure your profile on the Marketplace on B2Match is up to date. A well-filled Marketplace profile ensures more targeted contacts. In your Marketplace profile you can share the details of what you are offering and looking for.

Life Sciences and Health program

The Southeast Asia region is gaining interest from the Dutch private sector. Besides the sectors AgroFood, Water and Circular Economy, also the Life Sciences and Health (LSH) sector would like to connect with the Southeast Region. We look forward combining our experiences in this virtual mission to Southeast Asia. Want to find out more about the LSH program? Please click on the following link.


Newsletter no.1 (Monday, October 19, 2020)

Personal videomessages from the ambassadors

The Dutch ambassadors to Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam personally wish you good luck, fruitful sessions and sustainable partnerships. Watch their video messages:

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Doing Business in ASEAN:
In a unique cooperation, the five NL Business Hubs in the participating 5 countries of this trade mission organized an informative webinar about the ins and outs of doing business in the ASEAN-region. Southeast Asia expert, Matthijs van den Broek, explained what the ASEAN-association means for entrepreneurs from the Netherlands and touched upon the main business characteristics of each of the five countries. Also, typical cultural differences of successfully doing business were exchanged. Mr Rob van As, from Paques, Asia Pacific, offered practical input from a corporate perspective. The five NL Business Hubs introduced themselves briefly and highlighted their key services, their B-2-B-network power and their close cooperation with the local Dutch mission team to help entrepreneurs both locally and those planning to come for a visit from abroad. Finally, Marijke van Liempt shared how the platform of NLinBusiness helps Dutch entrepreneurs with international ambition to find the right answers, knowledge or contacts during their customer journey.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Sectoral kickoff Waste Management & Circular Design Program

We officially kicked off the Waste Management and Circular Packaging Design track of the virtual trade mission to Southeast Asia! We discussed the broader Circular Economy developments in South East Asia, briefly touching on the highlights on trade missions over the past few years. The Dutch embassies of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam gave a short introduction on local developments and interesting events that are organized as part of the mission.

Several events will take place as part of this mission in the upcoming weeks.

  • One of these events is the #IGEM Digital event: ‘Total Value Chain Approach in Waste Management’ October 21st!
  • On October 23 the Asean5 quick scan on the local market developments and Circular Economy initiatives takes place
  • Webinar Circular Design for packaging on the 27th of October

Also some interesting country events organized by the Dutch embassies will take place in the upcoming weeks.

  • October 20, ‘Managing Marine Litter: Leading Change through Innovations’ an IGEM event, will be organized by the Dutch Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Maleysia and a.o. Ranmarine Technology!
  • October 22 ‘Sustainable Circular Biobased Business at Bioport in Sarawak’ an IGEM event, will be organized by the Dutch Embassy in Kuala Lumpur together with Kees Kwant, Agensi Inovasi, Malaysia and Sarawak State Government and IGEM!
  • On 28 October ‘Circular Cities: The Case of Singapore’ will take place! Organized by The Dutch Embassy in Singapore and Partners in Business.
  • 9 November ‘How to use technology to create an urban system where processes concerning energy, water, food, waste and space are in balance and optimized’ is organized by the Dutch Embassy in Singapore together with The Netherlands Enterprise Agency.
  • On the 26th of November ‘Plastics and Incinerated Bottom Ashes Fuel the Future’ a webinar on plastics with Singapore's National Environment Agency takes place. Organized by the Dutch Embassy in Singapore and Partners in Business.
  • On December 3rd the Dutch Embassy in Vietnam will organize ‘Agro-Waste nesux in the Mekong Delta : Challenges and Business Opportunities’.

Friday, October 16, 2020

Doing Business in Malaysia:
The Malaysian Dutch Business Council (MDBC) put together a highly interactive 'Doing Business in Malaysia' session. An introduction on Malaysia and MDBC was followed by practical input from Dutch Lady Milk Industries (FrieslandCampina) on the agri - food sector, by Paques Asia Pacific on the waste - and water sector, as they shared their experiences in doing business locally; The Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) also presented, giving the audience information on their support for foreign investors. In an on-air interview with MDBC, the Netherlands Embassy gave their input on its services and tips for entrepreneurs.

10 June 2021

21 June - Singapore International Water Week

This year’s Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) will be held from 21 June to 2 July 2021, and will consist of SIWW Spotlight and SIWW Online.

SIWW 2021 Spotlight is a one-day virtual Summit, for water leaders in governments, utilities, academia and industry to discuss emerging challenges such as climate change and the pandemic, and to provide insights into how innovation and collaboration are key enablers towards sustainable outcomes.

SIWW 2021 Online will be a two-week virtual event to allow global leaders, experts and practitioners to connect and learn from each other.

More information? Please go to the agenda over here: 21 June - Singapore International Water Week




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